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Decoration - The Japandi Style


“Decoration is the visual expression of our aspirations, dreams and ideals,” says Swedish architect and designer Erika Japandi. For many, home decor is often a way to express our identity; it's about who we are, what we want to say about ourselves and how we want to live.

A new trend that is essential in decoration and interior design is Japandi. This is a Scandinavian-Japanese style that blends minimalist Scandinavian design with Japanese influences.

Light and functional, the Japanese style is a decoration trend that brings the best to our home. It is a minimalist style based on lightness, simplicity and functionality. In addition, this decorative trend brings an authentic touch to our interiors by combining several inspirations.

The Japanese style is known for its use of natural materials such as wood or bamboo that are found locally. The Japanese also have an eye for detail and they use bamboo or paper accessories in their homes. Their rooms are often composed with simple but elegant furniture that brings comfort and warmth to the home.

This decorating trend is perfect for those who love nature and want to bring some freshness into their home with its minimalist design. This style doesn't need a lot of decoration as it focuses on bringing out the beauty of its materials through simplicity.

This style of decoration combines several inspirations to bring out the best in your home, with light, functionality and authenticity. You can create unique interiors by following these few tips:

1) Use natural materials

2) Place plants near windows

3) Use clean lines and shapes

4) Use accessories such as vases and bowls of different sizes and shapes.

5) Combine white or neutral colors with other bright colors.

Here's a look at why Japandi is currently trending in the Scandinavian design community and how it differs from all other decorating styles. Above all, it is characterized as a lifestyle, as opposed to just a style of interior decoration. It combines a handful of different ideas and aesthetics that stand out from each other but are combined to create a new brand image. This fusion of inspirations creates a sense of discovery and surprise, which is always very appealing to the eye, soul and spirit.