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Manopoulos: Building the past by looking to the future

George Manopoulos daily habit was the reason why his son, Costas, realized that games are important in our daily lives. Watching his father work hard every day and then relax by playing backgammon with his friends, he felt that games would take away…


Pasotti: Luxurious handmade umbrellas (and much more!)

Who said umbrellas can't be trendy? Pasotti proves us wrong with their numerous collections of handmade umbrellas. Elegant and surprising are the words that perfectly define the brand's creations. From the hands of George Clooney, Johnny…

The Table

Eisch : Innovative & Chic glasses

In the world of spirits, the glass (in addition to its aesthetic aspect) is important for several reasons. First of all, it allows the wine to reveal its assets. Indeed, the aromas express themselves more freely, depending on the various attributes…


Pols Potten: The brand that invites us to forget "normality"

Pols Potten is a Dutch brand that creates unique accessories and decorative objects. This brand is known for its personal and surprising interpretation of Dutch design. The brand makes us discover a real universe on the border between art and…


Memory Blocks : An audacious mix of art & history

Sid Dickens is internationally known for his historical, symbolic and sometimes gothic designs, dark, sensual tones and hand carved tiles. He has been adding whimsy and rebellion to each of his creations for over 25 years. In this article you will…

Discover a new way of living

Interior decoration as you have always dreamed of: wonderful and organized.
A team of professionals capable of making your wishes come true before you even express
them. The beauty offered by the harmony of colors, materials, light and scents.
Tailor-made luxury designed from the person’s lifesgtyle, and designed to facilitate every
moment of the day.

This is Segraeti: a new art of living in an elegant house.

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