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Arcahorn : The horns at the heart of the creations

The history of Arcahorn is directly linked to the artisan vocation of its founder, Mario Guerra, who in 1958 created a workshop in Recanati specialized in the transformation of zebu horn, rediscovering and revaluing almost forgotten skills linked to…


MAJAL: Contemporary lines

Italian architect Carlo Colombo has designed Majal, a double bed from the Flou collection characterized by a spectacular upholstered headboard. Similar to modern woodwork, it features an elegant geometric pattern with hexagonal weave, enhanced by…


LALIQUE: Luxury house and art of living

The name Lalique makes one dream. It evokes the brilliance of jewelry, the magic of transparency and the light of crystal. Before being a brand, it was the name of a man and artist of genius, René-Jules Lalique and that of descendants who…

The Table

Alessi: The "Plissé" collection, lightness and refinement

Making everyday objects beautiful or funny: this has been the ambition of the Italian company Alessi for a century. Founded in 1921, the brand has always been distinguished by the high quality of its products and its minimalism that adds a modern…

Discover a new way of living

Interior decoration as you have always dreamed of: wonderful and organized.
A team of professionals capable of making your wishes come true before you even express
them. The beauty offered by the harmony of colors, materials, light and scents.
Tailor-made luxury designed from the person’s lifesgtyle, and designed to facilitate every
moment of the day.

This is Segraeti: a new art of living in an elegant house.

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