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The enveloping decorative trend to try absolutely!


Mediterranean atmosphere: The decoration revisits the seaside style!

Summer memories: The decoration revisits the seaside style (Mediterranean) with nude and mineral tones, marble, travertine (a clear rock with a stripped-down aesthetic that is everywhere in 2022), terracotta crockery and ochre, feather dusters of…


Decoration - The Japandi Style

“Decoration is the visual expression of our aspirations, dreams and ideals,” says Swedish architect and designer Erika Japandi. For many, home decor is often a way to express our identity; it's about who we are, what we want to say…


LADENAC - Captivating egg candles

Sober, discreet, elegant and sophisticated, these are the perfect terms to characterize Ladenac's egg candles. Directly inspired by the famous Faberge eggs, these design objects will transport you with their unique fragrance. For decades,…


Fornasetti : The perfect synergy between art and extravagance

Fornasetti is an icon in the world of Italian design. Founded by Piero Fornasetti in the 1950s and now run by his son, the studio is characterized by its playful approach to surrealist art. If this elusive artist left behind one of the most…

Discover a new way of living

Interior decoration as you have always dreamed of: wonderful and organized.
A team of professionals capable of making your wishes come true before you even express
them. The beauty offered by the harmony of colors, materials, light and scents.
Tailor-made luxury designed from the person’s lifesgtyle, and designed to facilitate every
moment of the day.

This is Segraeti: a new art of living in an elegant house.

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