La table




The Freud Eichholtz Freud armchair

Decorate your interior with clarity at Segraeti Interiors, design and sophistication with the cream white armchair Eichholtz Freud. There's a lot of talk about Freud's famous sofa, but this armchair that bears his name is almost as…



Have you ever wondered what the meeting between elegance, performance and music would be like? The answer is in one sentence, one word, one brand: Tivoli. The brand, born in Boston in 2000, has become a benchmark in the Hi-Fi universe. Indeed, this…

The Table


At Segraeti la table, we offer you prestigious objects with a unique history. The Mauviel 1830 brand is a benchmark of quality in the cooking world. It has been able to thrive and anticipate culinary trends while preserving its DNA, whether in the…

Discover a new way of living

Interior decoration as you have always dreamed of: wonderful and organized.
A team of professionals capable of making your wishes come true before you even express
them. The beauty offered by the harmony of colors, materials, light and scents.
Tailor-made luxury designed from the person’s lifesgtyle, and designed to facilitate every
moment of the day.

This is Segraeti: a new art of living in an elegant house.

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